What is the Mid South?

The Mid South is a big place. To me it’s Mississippi, Arkansas and West Tennessee. Sometime parts of Missouri and Louisiana are added in.  If it was a state, then Memphis would be the capital city.  Memphis has to be the capital because it’s at the center of it all. The Mid South is history, music, literature, food and the amazing people who call it home.  I was blessed to be born here and my family goes back for generations.  This special place also welcomes anybody from anywhere to make it home too. That’s what the Mid South is. All of us came from somewhere and now we’re here. Although the Mid South knows poverty and problems, it also knows wealth and good times.  The Mississippi River runs through it like a knife through butter.  That river is king and has shaped what the Mid South looks like. In turn, the Mid South has shaped this country.  From barbecue to blues and hot tamales to rock, this place has made America.  Good and Bad, Right and Wrong, the duality of life.




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