Hugh Jack Stubbs Recreation Trail – Coahoma County, Mississippi

The Hugh Jack Stubbs Recreation Trail is a recently completed walking and biking trail that starts at the Mississippi Welcome Center located at the intersection of Highway 49 and 61 in Northern Coahoma County, Mississippi.  It’s winding path follows the Yazoo Pass, which is an historical area from the Civil War.  Restrooms and water are at the visitor center.  The trail ends where the Pass empties into Moon Lake.  Restrooms are also available there as well.  For those interested, you can continue on across a walking bridge and complete a circle.  This will carry you on a much traveled road so caution is advised.


There is a picnic area and kayak ramp for those that are interested.  An historical display discusses the Yazoo Pass and it’s importance in the Civil War. Exercise stations can be found along the path as well.


Hugh Jack Stubbs Recreation Trail.  US Hwy 49 and US 49N; Coahoma County, Mississippi. 38644.